Not only are we raising funds for the youth to go to camp but we will also earn new products for the church kitchen!

 Fundraiser will run now till Sunday, June 28.

Ordering has never been easier, you can use this link:

When you place your order, please place the name of the youth you are sponsoring in the 2nd address line. All orders will bill and ship at midnight of the day placed; and shipped in 2-3 days!

All items are direct ship to your doorstep.

Now the fun part! Join our Facebook group

We will have raffles and games along the way while featuring products and recipes from Pampered Chef’s most current catalog. Our consultant Beth, will also be presenting demonstrations on Facebook LIVE, a meal prep workshop via Zoom (with details to come), and have a baking workshop for the youth on Wednesday, June 23.

Please invite your friends, co-workers, family members, and anyone who eats. I am confident we have something for everyone! Feel free to message, text, or email me for any questions or support.