Hollywood Hills Homeschoolers is a ministry of the church that meets on church campus for various activities.  The group has monthly meetings, yearbook, talent show, science fair, spelling bee, dances, parties, co-op, year end testing, field day, etc.

The purpose of this God-centered organization to support families involved or interested in home school education, by providing encouragement, fellowship, information and activities. The group strives to glorify God by serving one another, working together as one body with love, without division, and drawing our direction and strength from our Lord.

Are you thinking about home schooling? Come get the answers you need, meet families who home school, and see how being part of our group can be a tremendous resource for you, as you take on one of the most important roles you will have in raising His children! Home school families will be joining together monthly to create a school year of activities and social fun.

For more information please call (786)505-9088