The Beyond 50 Ministry welcomes everyone ages 50 and over.

 Mission Statement

The mission of the Beyond 50 Ministry  is to provide a safe and secure place for people to fellowship in a godly atmosphere. Our prayer and purpose is to provide an environment that is stimulating in the areas of learning how to live Holy lives in an extremely provocative time and to find progressive ways to use the gifts that God has already given us to enhance our fellowship, activities, church, community, and most importantly, His kingdom.

This mission can be accomplished by:

  • Providing positive social gatherings as well as recreational and learning activities
  •  Lending assistance to individuals, groups and organizations in need through food drives, mission projects and various social services
  •  Creating opportunities for supportive relationships/friendships in an accepting Christian environment

Our goal is to develop, utilize, and maximize our God-given gifts for serving both the church and community, toughing lives wherever we go. Through our Christian lifestyles, we will witness God’s word and encourage others to come to know Jesus.

                 “You can make this journey together.”