The year was 1959 and the Methodist Church was looking to build another church in South Florida.  Dr. Boren was selected to preside over this new church, Hollywood Hills Methodist.

October 30, 1960 the Chapel (now Ministry Center) was consecrated

March 4, 1962 the 1st floor of the education building (Great Hall, kitchen, classrooms) were consecrated

October, 1965 the 2nd floor was completed

As membership grew, plans were made to build the Sanctuary.  Many members, working together saw their vision and dream become a reality.  Just a few of the families were, Boren, Boehmer, Penquite, Beeman, Smith, Ward, Jackson, Mead, Fisher, Savory, Walters, and countless more.

Christmas, 1966 in an unfinished Sanctuary, 3 services were held.  The two stained glass “anchor” windows were enjoyed by all present.  “The Christus” and the “Garden of Gethsemane” were dedicated that year.  Through fund raising and stewardship the windows were slowly completed and the pipe organ put in place.

December 1972, Dr. Boren retired and the pastors who followed each added to our church spirit.