For those who have been to an Emmaus weekend, the understanding is very clear. Not so much for people who have never been. When an invitation is given to attend the weekend, the question has been asked, “How far do we have to walk?” I might respond, “Oh, from your bedroom to the dining hall and then to the conference center—maybe a few hundred feet!”

This is not a weekend of exercise; at least not physically. But it is a spiritual experience like none other! The Walk to Emmaus derives its name from the Luke 24 account of the two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus when they encounter the risen Lord. It is a jam-packed 72 hour experience of being in God’s presence.

This requires those attending (called “pilgrims”) to leave behind their watches (you are on God’s time while there) and cell phones (now it’s getting interesting!!!). The pilgrims get to hear 15 talks over the course of the weekend and use their creative talents to describe what they have heard through skits, posters and discussions.

Relationships are created that last a lifetime—especially the one that matters the most: with Jesus! The retreat center where this is held is The Forum in Pompano Beach. Please be praying for those from our church who will be pilgrims as well as others who will be working the walks, serving the pilgrims throughout the weekend. The Men’s walk will take place April 19th- 22nd. The Women’s Walk will take place April 26th – 29th.

If you would like more information about the Walk to Emmaus, visit the United Methodist website at and click on the program tab for Walk to Emmaus.

De Colores!

Larry J. Bergstrom