A couple of months ago Kelly Menendez was asked to give her testimony in worship. She brought a tremendous witness of how this church has impacted her life. The following is just a portion of what she shared:
About 2 years ago I was stuck in something I like to call “my circle.” Inside my circle were all the things that I felt were important. But the thing that was the most important was me. I was selfish, self-centered. As long as I was happy and having fun, nothing else mattered. That’s what the devil told me anyway.
But God still knew what He was doing. He let me fall hard, and let me tell you that it felt as if I was never going to be able to get back up. I kept going, though, and so did God’s plan.

I came across this church because my niece became a new addition to our family and we felt we needed to raise her with religion. I however, had no idea what I was getting myself into. But God did. He knew exactly what He was doing when He walked me through the doors of HHUMC. He was bringing me home. I was given the opportunity to go on my Walk to Emmaus and was actually able to stand face to face with Jesus and I’ve had the pleasure to meet all of my amazing Youth kids, who I can never go a day without thanking God for. You all have brought such purpose and love into my life.

Because of all your dedication, volunteering, donations and participation, the only direction our church can go is up. Don’t EVER think that you can’t make a difference in someone’s life—I’m here to tell you today that you made one in mine.
I said this the day I left Emmaus and I’m going to say it again, thank you all for allowing God to use you as the tools to fix my life! Love, Kelly

We certainly need to be grateful for the ministry our church provides in order to meet the needs of the community around us. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being the not only the hands and feet of Christ, but supporting us financially so that we can be a church that truly impacts lives!
I love being your pastor!